February 11, 2018

The Eagles won the Super Bowl last week. I should be able to resume literary activities after several sleep-disturbed days consuming too many football-related articles and videos. A dedicated fan since I was five or six (oh how I cried when they lost in 1980), I’m very thankful I finally got to experience a Super Bowl victory and sprint the four blocks to Broad Street straight up Dickinson Street in South Philly, a champagne bottle held high.

What else? I deleted my Twitter in December in an effort to reduce exposure to external idiocies and inconsequentialities. Maybe I’ll start “blogging” a little here, mainly about reading and writing, to distract myself from new writing? Maybe I’ll start posting some reviews originally posted to Goodreads? This is a space I can use if I want. No one will read it. But as Jason Kelce sang: “We’re from Philly, fuckin’ Philly, no one likes us, we don’t care.”

Here’s a recent pic of me and my daughter:

October 1, 2017

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Published by
Sagging Meniscus Press, October 1, 2017.

JRZDVLZ is the autobiography of a sympathetic beast on a centuries-spanning quest for redemption. Based on long-suffering legend and historical fact, it’s about the sacrifice, civility, endurance, and humility required to transform a monster into a man.

I’m thrilled, psyched, and also delighted to announce the availability of a novel I’ve worked on inconsistently since 2006 (that’s 11 years, FYI).

Please allow me to introduce the Jersey Devil, a cryptozoological beast as well-known in New Jersey as Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster. The legend dates back to a few decades before the American Revolution. The thirteenth son of the Leeds family transformed at birth into a hideous monster — a composite of various animals, with the snout of a dog, horns of a ram, the wings of a bat, the torso of a kangaroo, the tail of a rat, the legs of a heron, and the hooves of a donkey — devoured his mother and siblings, and commenced three centuries of haunting the Pine Barrens (an enormous and naturally kind of spooky evergreen forest that covers most of southern New Jersey).

We waited until October to publish because, re-reading it last year as the days became darker and colder, it seemed like the perfect time to unleash it. We hope you love this weird beast of a book and help us elevate the Jersey Devil’s profile among his more famous Northwestern and Scottish cryptozoological relatives. We’re grateful for anything you can do to spread the word among your beastly and beautiful composite of friends networked in a social manner online.

Buy now from Small Press Distribution, IndieBound, and Amazon.


July 23, 2017


I now possess a couple boxes filled with my novel The Shimmering Go-Between, which the dearly departed Atticus Books published in 2014. Send $7 via PayPal and I’ll send one to you if you live in the US. Or for the same price you can acquire a copy via Amazon.


January 6, 2017

Reading in bed on the last morning of 2016, recovering from pneumonia (love you, antibiotics), it was a sweet surprise to take a break from Virginia Woolf’s The Waves to check my phone and see that The New Yorker’s James Wood cited Horacio Castellanos Moya’s Revulsion: Thomas Bernhard in San Salvador (which I translated from the Spanish) as one of his four faves of 2016. A fine way to end the year.

The image above is from Granada, Nicaragua when I was traveling in Central America in the fall of 1995. I’m wearing a five-cent “Ropa Americana” T-shirt that said “Immaculate Conception Crusaders” on the left breast and #37 on the back. The very light, dyed cotton pants did not protect from the kitty’s claws.


That’s all for the updates: for now, to support the kind publishers who have taken a chance on my efforts, please acquire a copy of JRZDVLZ. Or my translation of Horacio Castellanos Moya’s Revulsion: Thomas Bernhard in San Salvador. Or Thanks + Sorry + Good Luck: Rejection Letters From the Eyeshot Outbox directly from the publisher. Or even a copy of The Shimmering Go-Between directly from me (the publisher is kaput).