The Shimmering Go-Between: A Novel

The Shimmering Go-Between
Update: I now possess a couple boxes filled with my novel The Shimmering Go-Between, which the dearly departed Atticus Books published in 2014. Send $7 via PayPal and I’ll send one to you if you live in the US. Or for the same price you can acquire a copy via Amazon.

The Shimmering Go-Between, a good-natured novel about confronting disbelief, escaping literal and figurative enclosures, and the old literary standbys of longing, love, and loss was published on August 19, 2014, in quality paperback by Atticus Books. It’s available from Atticus or Amazon.

Here’s the first review, which masterfully avoids spoilers. Here’s a good review.

A quick summary, suitable for today’s digital natives, might be “an OMG exploration of WTF.”

Last time I read it over I was thinking about how its events are unhinged but, formally, the language and the plot mechanics are tightly controlled, which syncs with characters’ struggles with impulsivity and restraint. In the best possible way, it’s like a semi-perverted post-YA novel, replete with author-drawn illustrations like the B&W one below.

SGB illustration
On August 19, 2014, the day of the novel’s official availability, Atticus Review posted Not Quite a ‘Manifesto of Sensationalism’: Some Thoughts About Some Terms That Might Describe a Novel I Wrote. A paragraph toward the end describes the time Marilynne Robinson workshopped an excerpt from the novel involving an autofellator.

On October 24, 2014, Largehearted Boy posted a playlist of songs I selected for relevance to the novel more than any special place in my heart.

On November 18, 2014, Atticus Books posted upon their site an interview I conducted with myself. I asked myself one-word questions beginning with the prefix “auto-,” although the last question begins with “audio-” and relates in excessive detail exposure to a certain band way back in what is commonly referred to as “the day” — of particular note may be the revelation of information regarding how an extra-sensory instance of a live performance by this band may have influenced a scene in The Shimmering Go-Between.