issue10A longish story called “Incantation for Beard Reattachment” (title comes from this scene in Don Quixote) appeared in the Spring 2013 print issue of The Normal School published by Cal State, Fresno. A few years later they posted it online.

A short ranty “work” story appeared in the beautiful/excellent current print issue of Ghost Town, edited by Kevin Moffett, published by Cal State, San Bernardino. Also online. (Looking forward to publishing in every Cal State lit journal!)

A story involving virtual baseball, Atum Ra, and Thorstein Veblen was published in 2008 in the third print issue of Canteen . They nominated this for the Pushcart but it didn’t get selected, probably because it involves verboten themes such as video art (ie, filming aspects of one’s anatomy).

klein5A semi-illustrated story called Carry Me Father No More is at AGNI, published by Boston University in May 2007. I worked on this one with Frank Conroy at first and, a few months later, Ben Marcus. Guess who talked about emotion and who talked about Kafka? I was surprised.

Another story appeared in the 2007 Fall/Winter print edition of The Black Warrior Review, published by the University of Alabama. It’s not online, though. An important story for me (a model for how I should write) and a great issue worth tracking down.

Select older stories, some written in the mid-to-late ’90s, appeared here:

Over the years, particularly in the first years of the new century, I also posted dozens of stories and little oddities on Eyeshot including a story about a Michael Jackson impersonator in Madrid that first appeared in a 2005 print edition of Pindeldyboz. If you scroll to the end of the archive, you’ll find a lot of these early short oddities and essayettes.